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Adherence to Relgious Beliefs (2000)

The following chart represents the principal county that dominates and illustrates the percentage of those people who adhere to various religious beliefs in 2000 and compared to 1990 values. The data was originally gatherd by survey, for more information on the survey and how it was conducted contact the American Religion Data Archive. Please note, that not all religious sects were considered in this survey, therefore the following chart does not represent the entire county population, but rather only that portion of the county population that falls under the parameters of the survey taken.

Source: The data used in this publication was made available by the American Religion Data Archive and was originally collected by Church Growth Research Center, Church of the Nazarene, Kansas City, MO.

Disclaimer: This page contains information from sources which does not control. If this page contains materials that are copyrighted or otherwise protected, please contact immediately. Copyright © 2000-2001, All  Rights Reserved.
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