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Air Quality

Air Quality Index

The 'Air Quality Index' score is based on data gathered from the EPA, USGS, and local authorities. Although no city in the US ranked a score of poor or worst, there is still a wide spectrum of air quality index scores. Please note the score is only an estimate --- weather, the seasons, and local conditions can radically affect the air quality anytime during the year. Sources: EPA, USGS, and Synergos Technologies, Inc.

Major Air Pollutants

The following chart shows the ranking of the 5 major air pollutants montitored by the EPA. The chart shows the quantity of pollutant as a percentage to the minimum allowed (before it is considered a serious health risk) by the EPA. It is interesting to note that in the majority of cases Ozone is the major pollutant facing most cities. Sources: EPA - Air Quality Trends 2001

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