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Presidential Elections

The following chart represents the principle county that dominates and the presidential election results for that county since 1980. Source: The election boards and Secretary of State Offices of the respective state governments.

Presidential Candidates

1980CarterReaganAnderson, Burbar, Clark, Commoner, Congress, DeBerry, Gahres, Greaves, Griswold, Hall, Lynen, McCormack, McLain, McReynolds, Pulley, Rarick, Shelton, Smith, and Wendelken
1984MondaleReaganAnderson, Baker, Bergland, Dennis, Dodge, Hall, Holmes, Johnson, LaRouche, Mason, Richards, Serrette, and Winn
1988DukakisBushDennis, Dodge, Duke, Fulani, Griffen, Herer, Holmes, Kenoyer, LaRouche, Lewin, Marra, Masters, McCarthy, Paul, Warren, Winn, and Youngkeit
1992ClintonBushBoren, Bradford, Brisben, Daniels, Dodge, Ehlers, Fulani, Gritz, Hagelin, Halyard, Hem, Herer, LaRiva, LaRouche, Marrou, Masters, Perot, Phillips, Smith, Warren, and Yiamouyiannas
1996ClintonDoleBirrenback, Brown, Collins, Crane, Dodge, Feinland, Forbes, Hagelin, Harris, Hollis, Masters, Michael, Moorhead, Nader, Peron, Perot, Phillips, Templin, and White
2000GoreBushBrown, Browne, Buchanan, Dodge, Hagelin, Harris, McReynolds, Moorehead, Nader, Phillips, Smith, Venson, Wright, and Youngkeit

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